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Vegetarian Appetizers at Komol Thai Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegetarian Appetizers

Combination Vegetarian Appetizer___$10.95

Tofu, spring roll, fried eggplant, crispy spinach and fried sweet potato

Crispy Spinach___$4.00

Curry Peanut Sauce___$4.00

Fresh Spring Rolls (2)

Stuffed with Rice Noodles and Vegetables___$5.00

Stuffed with Soy Chicken, Rice Noodles and Vegetables___$6.95

Fried Corn___$9.95

Fried Eggplant___$5.00


Fresh Spring Rolls

Fried Tofu___$5.00

Fried Sweet Potato___$5.00

Mee-Krob (Crispy Noodle)___$9.95

Soy Chicken Nugget___$9.95

Spring Rolls (2)___$2.75

Steamed Soy Bean___$4.00

Vegetarian Satay___$9.95

Flame broiled tofu strips on bamboo skewers, served with curry peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Vegetarian Tod-Mun___$10.95

Sliced corn mixed with red curry paste and deep fried to a golden brown.
Served with cucumber salad


Komol Thai Restaurant - Vegetarian Satay

Vegetarian Satay

Komol Thai Restaurant - Vegetarian Tod-Mun

Vegetarian Tod-Mun

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